Nike Studio Wrap

Nike Studio Wrap

The Nike Studio Wrap is a women’s shoe specially designed to give extra support and stability to your feet while practicing activities that is usually done barefoot such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Barre.

The Studio Wrap has features such as:

  • The shoes minimalistic design ensures that you still get the barefoot feeling but in the same time protects you from sweaty floors and potential foot illnesses.
  • The crisscross fabric at the top wraps the shoe around the foot so that it gives extra support in all the right places.
  • There is a silicone pattern underneath the shoe that enhances the grip on all floors.
  • The Studio Wrap is washable and comes with a garment bag.

Nike Studio Wrap comes in five different sizes XS (5-6), S (6-7,5), M (7,5-9) L (9-10,5) XL (10,5-12) and is available in many different colors and color combinations that changes from time to time.
You can also choose to buy the Studio Wrap Pack that except for the actual wrap also includes ribbons that can be wrapped under the arch and around the ankles for extra support and also an slip on extension shoe for outdoor use.



Nike Studio Wrap Review



  • Good non-slip function that works well on all indoor areas.
  • Very Comfortable.
  • Easy slip on shoe.
  • Looks really cool.
  • The extra ribbon that follows in the Nike Studio Wrap Pack keeps slipping down the legs.
  • Should not be used on high impact activities where you would normally need the support of good shoes.

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Durability
  • Price


A really comfortable and nicely designed shoe that works well in all indoor areas. No need to wear the extra ribbons that comes in the Studio Wrap Pack and don't use these shoes when doing high impact activities.

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