Nike FuelBand SE

Nike FuelBand SE
The Nike FuelBand SE is as you can guess from the name the second edition on Nikes popular fitness tracker.
The new FuelBand has the same features as the first edition such as:

  • Measures movements for all kinds of activities throughout the day.
  • Tracks intensity if workouts.
  • Tracks sleep when used with Nike+ Sessions app.
  • Counts steps.
  • Displays progress in realtime.
  • Syncs with your iOS or Android device.
  • Tells time.

These features was enough to keep thousands of users satisfied before but the Nike FuelBand SE now also offers a longer battery life, a connection to your Facebook friends list so you can see how you rate against your friends (if you want to that), new user friendly software features, hourly reminders to stay active throughout the day & Nike+ Sessions that help you to understand which activities is most beneficial for you,

Nike FuelBand SE comes in three different sizes small, medium/large and x-large and is now available in 7 colors black, black/gold, black/pink, black/silver, black/volt (green), black/crimson (orange) and black/rose gold.
The bracelet is made from waterproof rubber and has one single button that helps you to easily navigate through the features that is shown in bright colors on the dot LED display.
The USB input that connects and charges the band is hidden inside the rubber band and is accessible from the same place as the clasp is.



Nike FuelBand SE Review



  • Good battery life.
  • Nice and simple design (can easily be worn not only when exercising).
  • Nice fit, stays on your arm but is not uncomfortably tight.
    • Limited tracking features makes it more suitable for an all round exerciser rather then an experienced athlete.

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Durability
  • Price


Nike+ FuelBand SE is a nicely designed and user friendly fitness tracker that is a good motivator to keep up the everyday movement. Are you an experienced athlete that want to track your activity thoroughly, then this might not be the best choice for you because of its limited tracking features.

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