Craft Hybrid Weather Glove

Craft Hybrid Weather Glove

The Craft Hybrid Weather Glove is the perfect choice when you want a glove that covers a variety of climate changes when out cycling, running, hiking, climbing or skiing.

The Craft Hybrid Weather Glove has features such as:

  • 2-in-1 glove and mitten.
  • Medium thin glove with a base of warm polyester.
  • Silicon grippers on palm and fingers.
  • Touchscreen-compatible index-finger and thumb.
  • Extra fold out wind- and waterproof mitten shell.

The Hybrid Weather Glove works both as a thin but warm finger glove but also as a really warm and wind/waterproof mitten if you use the extra fold out cover that is usually hidden in a small pocket on the top of the glove. Use the mitten cover as an extra security against windy or rainy weather or for a double layer warmth.

The Glove is available in several different colors such as black, amino(yellow)/black, shock(orange)/black, white/black or bright red/black and the sizes goes from XXS to XXL.



Craft Hybrid Weather Glove Review



  • Perfect fit.
  • Works really well from medium cold up to cold temperatures.
  • Thin and light material that makes the hands/fingers feel flexible.
  • Neat design.
  • If it’s really rainy your wrists get wet.

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Durability
  • Price


A really comfortable and nice looking glove that makes you feel almost as flexible as if you had no gloves on (and you can also use them on mobile devices). I use them with the mitten cover on at the beginning of my run to keep warm and then usually take them of ones my body temperature is rising, if it's not windy or rainy that is then I keep them on during the full run. The only negative thing about them is that if it gets really rainy your wrists (that's not covered by the mitten fabric) get wet, but your fingers will still be dry. An extra good thing about them is that there's extra padding on the top of your hand were you usually freeze the most.


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