18 Female Fitness Models From All Over the World

female fitness models

The industry of female fitness models have for a long time been looked at with mixed opinions. Its not uncommon to hear about men drooling with excitement over the pictures of beautiful well shaped women, and girls who see the industry as inappropriate and demeaning against other women.

But the fitness industry is growing faster then ever and more & more people is starting to se the benefits about people getting fit by exercising and building muscles rather then to starve themselves.

By taking a look into the lives of many of these female fitness models you soon realize that most of them have a burning interest not only to exercise and stay fit themselves but also to help other people on their way to to a healthy lifestyle.

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African Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsRiana Roberts from South Africa is a fitness and lingerie model that have been on the covers for many international magazines such as Fighters Only, Muscle Evolution, FHM South Africa, FHM Germany, Sandton Magazine, Fitness, PIX and Bluff. She is also one of the ring girls for EFC Africa (MMA fighting) and an interior designer.
female fitness modelsManuela Gabriella Incendiario is a South African lady that have a lot going on in her life. She competes in bodybuilding and is also a professional trainer, bootcamp instructor and a nutritional coach, and if that wasn’t enough she is also a full-time cosmetics artist.
female fitness modelsThato Seopa is a young South African female fitness model and is also a beauty pageant queen and model. She is currently studying to become a sports conditioning coach, her goal is to one of South Africa’s renowned motivational speaker and a good and inspiring fitness teacher.


Asian Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsLisa Cheng from Hong Kong she has competed in body building for many years and have won the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championship 6 times and the Hong Kong Miss Body Fitness also 6 times. Except for bodybuilding she also competes in speed climbing and is a certified teacher in belly dancing, rock climbing, fitness training, gymnastics, aerobics,boxing and Muay Thai.
female fitness modelsJung Dayeon from South Korea got to be a fitness spokesperson after she lost 25 kilos and posted her progress on internet which got a big hit in Korea & Japan. She is now known as an expert on physical training and exercise and have released a popular fitness book and exercising videos.
female fitness modelsMeriza De Guzman comes from the Philippines and is a former medical worker that after gaining weight after having children, joined a gym and started exercising which showed fast results. She felt that this was something for her and soon started her carrier as an personal trainer and physique competition coach. She now also competes herself as an IFBB Figure Pro.


Australian Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsEmily Skye is an fitness and swimsuit model from Sydney thats been covering in fitness magazines lately. She is interested in helping other people to become healthy, fit and happy and have created her own 30 day ab shredding program.
female fitness modelsKitty Kat Selma is a mother of two from Melbourne that has made a big succes in a short time by winning the ANB Fitness Model 2013 and the ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Over 30 2013 and 2014 to name a few. Except for this she is also a full time singer & DJ.
female fitness modelsSarah Allen is a bodybuilder competitor that won the IFBB national champion and IFBB South Pacific bikini champion in 2013 She has lately been covered in many fitness magazines. She works with supplement sales and she also trains online clients in bodybuilding & diet.


European Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsAnca Bucur is a Romanian fitness competitor and trainer that holds the title of Miss Fitness Universe 2013. She started of with practicing ballet but soon moved on to artistic gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics, which she competed in on a high level until she retired after breaking hr shoulder. She is now a certified trainer in gymnastics, strength, swimming, boxing, cycling and yoga.
female fitness modelsIngrid Romero is born in Spain and is a fitness model that has a lot going for her. She is a columnist for over 10 international magazines, she is a active wear & competition bikini designer, she is a fitness and nutrition coach, she competes in fitness competitions, is a cover model and she have founded an NPC/IFBB fitness competition team called Team Edge.
female fitness modelsVanda Hădărean is an Romanian retired artistic gymnast and even an Olympic silver medalist. She have also become a successful female fitness model that has won Ms. Fitness World 4 times and Ms. Fitness Canada also 4 times. She also trains and coaches both gymnasts and fitness models.


North American Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsKiana Tom is born in Hawaii and working as an fitness expert, actress and writer but is most known for hosting her own TV fitness show called Kiana’s Flex Appeal but because of her high ratings she has also been able to host many other programs such as ABC Super Bowl Nightlife.
female fitness modelsTiffany Yee originally from California is an body transformation expert and an well known nutrition and fitness spokesperson on TV.She have won many fitness titles but the most known one is Ms Fitness USA in 2008. She is also a former cheerleader & Soul Train dancer
female fitness modelsJennifer Nicole Lee is an american fitness model, motivational speaker, actress and author. She got known after loosing 30 kilos and has after that become a guru within fitness. She have also created her own fitness program called the JNL Fusion. and have written several fitness books.


South American Female Fitness Models

female fitness modelsMichelle Lewin is an Venezuelan born former playboy model that have changed occupation to being a fitness model and bodybuilder after she realized that working out was something she really enjoyed and wanted to spend more time doing. She has been featured in many big magazines and have also appeared in some music videos for famous musicians.
female fitness modelsAlice Matos is an Brazilian IFBB athlete that has not been in the business for to long. She had been playing soccer, volleyball and basketball when younger but she started exercising at the gym with the only intention to get fit for the summer, but after only one year of exercising she realized that she was already fit for competition. She is also the founder of her own clothing line called Labellamafia.
female fitness modelsNathalia Melo is a Brazilian born girl that have now moved to America were she is an IFBB Pro fitness and figure competitor. She is most known for being the winner of Bikini Olympia in 2012 but she also works as a fitness model and personal trainer and she have been doing a series of butt shaping exercising videos.

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