The History of Yoga

The History of Yoga is widely discussed, although many people seems to agree that it originates from India from about 3000 B.C, from when they found what seems to be yoga/meditation poses on a mold of a seal from the Indus valley civilization. Some people also believe that it has been practiced long before that but without the poses and that it then more so had the main focus of understanding the world rather then understanding yourself. They mean that the combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices that we have today, got implemented later by the Buddhist teachings. What we know for certain is that traditions of yoga can be found in both Hinduism, Jainism as well as the Buddhist belief.

The Word Yoga

The word Yoga originates from Sanskrit were it means “to join” or “to unite” and a common interpretation of this is that it means to unite the body, mind and soul with the universal spirit, in order to achieve a balanced life. In Hinduism; Buddhism and Jainism yoga often translated to “spiritual discipline” or “spiritual practice”, which can be interpreted as an activity that has the main purpose of develop you spiritually.

Yoga Today

Today, if you would like to be called an actual Yogi or Yogini you should practice yoga or the philosophy of yoga in a serious manner. This would probably mean that you put a lot of effort in to having a good balance and control over your thinking, relaxation, exercise, breathing, diet and meditation. You don’t feel like you necessary need to become a yoga guru? No problem, now days yoga can be practiced in a thousand of ways depending on if you just want the psychical exercise, the full body and mind experience or if your searching for a spiritual or religious enlightenment. Either way you will probably get amazed over how much practicing it will benefit you.

Different Types of Yoga

How many different types of yoga there are is impossible to say as there are new ones emerging every day to satisfy all the different kinds of needs that we might have. Even though you can probably pop in to any random yoga class and make it out alive, it can probably be a good idea to do a quick research just to find out witch one you would enjoy the most. And also, it could be a bit embarrassing for example being the only man attending to a yoga class for expecting mothers. But then again… it could also be the time of your life… or theirs!

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga is many. Practicing it can improve your body, soul and spirit in so many ways but were you see the most effect on yourself is of course depending on what kind of yoga you practice, how often you practice it and how much focus you put in to the different elements of your yoga practice. One thing is for certain do, you cant hide for a long time from the main benefits of doing yoga which I would say is to learn to have focus on what is happening here and now and to have complete self-control… but of course there is also some obvious physical benefits such as getting flexible and strong.