The History of Running

Mankind developed the ability to run about 4,5 million years ago at the same time that we were able to stand up straight. The reason for this development was probably our will to survive, both by running from different kinds of threats and to be able to keep up with the animals that we needed to hunt. In fact the ancient man could travel 100s of miles tracking and hunting for food and the best hunter was usually also the best runner. To compete against each other by running was also invention of early days and the earliest record of a race goes all back to 1829 BC. Back then it was very much a community event that took place in order to honor the goods during festivals around harvest, easter and so on and there are stories about Egyptian kings who needed to race against themselves every third year to be able to keep there crown. If we fast forward a bit to the 19th century it is here that the activity got its big boom, mainly because it became a professional sport and in 1970 it became a mainstream thing to practice after the book Jogging was released and in the years after that it is recorded that around 25 million people took up running as a sport only in the US.