The History of Cycling

In 1817 a German man built a new invention which was as simple as just a plank with two wheels and a steering device. He called this “thing” the Velocipede and the main reason for his invention was that it at this time wasn’t very suitable for the upper class people to be seen so to say “break a sweat”. You couldn’t really call this transporting machine a bicycle but this was the start of the process that would later develop into one. In 1860s France a more modern version of this invention finally arrived, this time with actual pedals that made it possible for us to actually go faster than if we would have been running. The only problem with this version was that the pedals were attached to the front wheel and the only way to make the bicycle go faster was to make the wheel bigger, the result of this was that after a while the front wheel was so big that it became unstable and dangerous to ride. 15 years later the solution for this problem was found in the Rover, this was a bicycle with chain and gear attached and it was both faster and much safer than the previous version, and all these improvements led to a boom in the industry and more & more people wanted to have one. Even if races had been a phenomenon sense the first invention of the Velocipede the newer and better bikes also raised the interest for these, but it was also a good way for the manufacturers of the different models to show of their brand. Then in 1903 the first Tour the France was launched, and the 1500 miles long race through the beautiful scenery’s of France was immediately a hit and the interest for it has been growing ever since. Meanwhile other bicyclists have been more interested in taking their rides to more rough off-road grounds and this mountain biking as it came to be called also developed into its own sport and the first international races were held in the 1920. Both of these sports are still very popular today although the on road biking might be a bit more mainstream while the of road biking is more of an extreme sport.